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Student Map and Poster Competition

Students who'd like to display their works at NACIS 2014 should register for the Student Map and Poster Competition. We encourage all students to submit their maps and technical/research posters for a chance at a prize of $500! There is no entry fee. All entrants will be displayed in the Map Gallery, and the winner will be selected by a ballot of all meeting attendees. The deadline to register is September 12th, 2014.

The Details:

  • Deadline is Friday, September 12th, 2014.
  • Maps, research posters, and other displays of cartography-related work qualify.
  • The work must have been completed during the 2013-14 academic year. You do not need to be a student presently, but you must have been a student in an undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program when you completed the work.
  • To ease space restrictions, please ensure your display is no larger than 24" x 36"
  • If your display exceeds the maximum dimensions, you must contact to request an exemption.
  • Attendance at the meeting is not required, but is strongly encouraged. You are responsible for ensuring your poster is at the meeting on time and is set up properly.
  • Meeting attendees will vote on the entrants. The winner will receive a prize of $500. A runner-up will receive an honorable mention award. Other non-cash awards may be given out at the discretion of the Student Poster Competition Chair.
  • Please contact Martha Bostwick ( with any questions.

Registration for the 2014 competition in Pittsburgh is now open! Please use the form below to enter.

2013 Competition Winner:

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
by Aaron Taveras, University of Kansas



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 Student Map and Poster Competition

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Cartographic Perspectives

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Student Dynamic Map Competition

2013 Winner - Narrative

50 Years of Change

by Rashauna Mead, Erin Hamilton, and Vanessa Wetzel
University of Wisconsin - Madison

2013 Winner - Interactive

by Caroline Rose, Chris Cantey, and Morgan Jarocki
University of Wisconsin - Madison


Student Poster Competition 

2013 Winner

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho 
by Aaron Taveras
University of Kansas

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