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 Number 28, Fall 1997Number 28, Fall 1997 (24.4MB)
  • Use of Tactile Maps by Blind and Visually Impaired People, Simon Ungar, Angeles Espinosa Bayal, Mark Blades, Espernaza Ochaita, and Christopher Spencer
  • Regional Recognition and Delimitation from Topographic Maps: User Strategies, Christopher Board
  • Map Use Steps and Their Data Quality Requirements, Ferjan Ormeling
  • Map Use - Perspectives in Geographic Undergraduate Education, Derek Thompson
  • User Interface Studies in the Virtual Map Environment, Jeffrey S. Torguson

Number 27, Spring 1997Number 27, Spring 1997 (26MB)

  • Introductory Comments on Information Theory and Cartography, Waldo Tobler
  • John Sherman and the Origins of GIS, Nicholas Chrisman
  • John Clinton Sherman: Academic Cartographer on the Brink of a New Age, Everett A. Wingert
  • Talking in the Tree House: Communication and Representation in Cartography, Barbara P. Buttenfield

Number 26, Winter 1997Number 26, Winter 1997 (33.2MB)

  • Carotgraphy and the Internet: Introduction and Research Agenda, Michael P. Peterson
  • Geographic Information Retrieval and the World Wide Web: A Match Made in Electronic Space, David Johnson and Myke Gluck
  • Cartography on the Internet: Thoughts and a Preliminary User Survey, Mark Harrower, C. Peter Keller and Diana Hocking
  • Life and Lectures: The Internet as a Resource for a Senior Undergraduate GIS Course, Janet E. Mersey

Number 25, Fall 1996Number 25, Fall 1996 (28MB)

  • Males, Females, and Maps: Evaluating Spatial Encoding Strategies, Elisabeth S. Nelson
  • Adjusting and Separating Map Colors Using Photoshop, Judy M. Olson

Number 24, Spring 1996Number 24, Spring 1996 (25.4MB)

  • Maps, text, and Seventh-graders: a Study of Spatial Learning, Alisa D. Ramirez & Patricia Gilmartin
  • Copyright and Cartographic Multimedia, Trudy Suchan


Number 23, Winter 1996Number 23, Winter 1996 (22.5MB)

  • Edge Pixels: the Effect of Scanning Resolution, P. Andrew Ray
  • The Production of Smooth Scale Changes in an Animated Map Project, Martin von Wyss

Number 22, Fall 1995Number 22, Fall 1995 (24.7MB)

  • Cartography Resources on the World Wide Web, Jeremy Crampton

Number 21, Spring 1996Number 21, Spring 1995 (37MB)

  • The Benefits of Verbal and Spatial Tasks in Contour Map Learning, Margaret Lanca and John R. Kirby
  • Map Libraries in Transition: Conference Opening Remarks, Christopher Baruth
  • The Future of Digital Data in Map Collections: One Perspective, Colleen Beard
  • Disenfranchisement: Paranoia or Possibilities, Debra D. Lords
  • Building the Virtual Map Library: Some Concerns and Considerations, Patrick McGlamery
  • Transition in the World of Map Librarians, Gary W. North
  • Source Error in a Map Series, or Science as a Socially Negotiated Enterprise, Peter Gould
  • Planning for GIS in Libraries: Decisions, Choices, and Opportunities, Linda R. Zellmer
  • What You'll Need to Know to use GIS in 2001, Ronald F. Abler

Number 20, Winter 1995Number 20, Winter 1995 (37MB)

  • Forward for Featured Articles, Timothy Trainor
  • Current Trends in Electronic Atlas Production, Bengt Rystedt
  • New Forms, Concepts, and Structures for European National Atlases, Ferjan Ormeling
  • Visualizing Digital Atlas Information Products and the User Perspective, C. Peter Keller
  • The Potential of Electronic Atlases for Geographic Education, Ute J. Dymon
  • An Electronic Atlas Authoring System, Richard M. Smith and Thomas Parker
  • A Personalized National Atlas of the United States, Joel L. Morrison


Cartographic Perspectives

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CP67. Winter 2010

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Cover Art for CP


CP 54


Past covers of Cartographic Perspectives have been graced by the "carto-art"of Matt Knutzen.  Matt is the Assistant Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library (NYPL).  Matt holds an MFA from Pratt, and a geography degree from Berkeley.  In his work, Matt combines the best of both worlds: Art + Cartography.  His art playfully and creatively takes the map as artifact and transforms it into pieces that catch the mind's eye.  Matt presented his work at the NYPL in a talk titled: Outside the boundary: A presentation of map artworks by Matthew A. Knutzen.


CP Commemorative Issue - Celebrating 25 Years of NACIS


The Cartographic Perspectives Commemorative Issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of NACIS. In this special issue four past editors of CP reflect on their tenure as editor and their favorite articles - a insightful history of Cartographic Perspectives. The cover features the past 51 cover designs and a map to the last 25 NACIS meeting locations. We have a limited number of these issues left for purchase ($15 US/$20 international). If you are interested please contact Jim Anderson by e-mail. Checks made payable to NACIS can be mailed to:


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