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Number 65, Winter 2010Number 65, Winter 2010

Number 64, Fall 2009Number 64, Fall 2009

Number 63, Spring 2009Number 63, Spring 2009Number 62, Winter 2009Number 62, Winter 2009Number 61, Fall 2008Number 61, Fall 2008

Number 60, Spring 2008Number 60, Spring 2008

Number 59, Winter 2008Number 59, Winter 2008

Number 58, Fall 2007Number 58, Fall 2007

  • A Publishing History of John Mitchell's Map of North America, 1755-1775, Matthew H. Edney
  • The Role of Color Saturation in Maps for Children, Bill Buckingham and Mark Harrower
  • Historical Atlas of Oklahoma, Reviewed by Mary L. Johnson
  • Historical Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections 1788-2004, Reviewed by Edith Scarletto
  • disORIENTATION, Reviewed by Denis Wood
  • Expansion of the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine, Yolanda Theunissen
  • Color Design for the Color Vision Impaired, Bernhard Jenny and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso
  • The Process of Map Design: Equal Cartographic Voice, Michael Hermann

Number 57, Spring 2007Number 57, Spring 2007

  • A Response to Denis Wood, Mark Denil
  • The Many Uses of Maps: The Producer at the Center, Joel Kovarsky
  • Introducing Plan Oblique Relief, Bernhard Jenny and Tom Patterson
  • Judgments of Size Change Trends in Static and Animated Graduated Circle Displays, John C. Kostelnick, J. Devin Land and James F. Juola
  • Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users; Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, Reviewed by George McCleary
  • The Atlas of North American English: Phonetics, Phonology and Sound Change. A Multimedia Reference Tool, Reviewed by Russell S. Kirby
  • Chicago: A Geography of the City and Its Region, Reviewed by Russell S. Kirby
  • Permissions, A Survival Guide: Blunt Talk about Art as Intellectual Property, Reviewed by Mary L. Johnson
  • The Cartographic Apprentice: By the End of this Assignment: Someone Will be Fired, Alison Feeney
  • NACIS map survey - looking at the results, Tom Patterson, Martin Gamache, Mike Hermann, and Alex Tait
  • Atlas of Yellowstone  Preliminary Work, W. Andrew Marcus, James E. Meacham, Ann Rodman and Alethea Steingisser


Number 56, Winter 2007Number 56, Winter 2007

  • timeline_33seconds (2006), Lilla LoCurto and William Outcault
  • A Map Is an Image Proclaiming Its Objective Neutrality: A Response to Mark Denil, Denis Wood
  • Visualizing Method-Produced Uncertainty in Isometric Mapping, Mathew A. Dooley and Stephen J. Lavin
  • Visual Representations of the Spatial Relationship Between Bermuda High Strengths and Hurricane Tracks, Jason T. Knowles and Michael Leitner
  • Field Methods in Remote Sensing, Reviewed by Jenny Hewson
  • Remote Sensing for GIS Managers, Reviewed by Daniel G. Cole
  • Literature, Mapping, and the Politics of Space in Early Modern Britain, Reviewed by Brooks C. Pearson
  • Maps as Mediated Seeing: Fundamentals of Cartography, Reviewed by Mary L. Johnson
  • Seeing Through Maps: Many Ways to See the World, Reviewed by Mary L. Johnson
  • Achieving Historical Map Effects with Modern GIS, Aileen Buckley, David Barnes, and Jaynya Richards
  • Some Things Lilla LoCurto and William Outcault Have to Say About Maps, Denis Wood

Number 55, Fall 2006Number 55, Fall 2006

  • Denis Wood's article "Map Art", Mark Denil
  • Reaction to Mark Denil, Ren Vasiliev
  • A Day With Norman J. W. Thrower, Judith Tyner
  • The Effectiveness of Interactive Maps in Secondary Historical Geography Education, Whitney Taylor and Brandon Plewe
  • A Multi-scale, Multipurpose GIS Data Model to Add Named Features of the Natural Landscape to Maps, Aileen Buckley and Charlie Frye
  • Views of the Rivers: Representing Streamflow of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Erik Strandhagen, W. Andrew Marcus, and James E. Meacham
  • The Gay and -bleep- Atlas, Reviewed by Mark Harrower
  • The Commerce of Cartography: Making and Marketing Maps in Eighteenth-Century France and England, Reviewed by Judith A. Tyner
  • Plotting the Globe: Stories of Meridians, Parallels, and the International Date Line, Reviewed by Fritz Kessler
  • A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volume 2, New York & New England, Reviewed by Gordon Kennedy
  • What is Unique About the Imagery of mapformation?, Derek Tonn

Number 54, Spring 2006Number 54, Spring 2006

  • "False Truths": Ethics and Mapping as a Profession, Tom Koch
  • Supporting Map-based Geocollaboration Through Natural Interfaces to Large-Screen Displays, Alan MacEachren, Guoray Cai, Issac Brown, and Jin Chen
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering and Terrain Representation, Patrick J. Kennelly and A. Jon Kimerling
  • From Afghanistan to Iraq in Media Maps: Journalistic Construction of Geographic Knowledge, Robert R. Churchill and E. Hope Stege
  • Shape Types for Labeling Natural Polygon Features with Maplex, Charlie Frye
  • Applied Environmental Economics: A GIS Approach to Cost-Benefit Analysis, Reviewed by Grace Wong
  • Maps and the Internet, Reviewed by Daniel G. Cole

Number 53, Winter 2006Number 53, Winter 2006

  • Art and Mapping: An Introduction, Denis Cosgrove
  • Map Art, Denis Wood
  • Interpreting Map Art with a Perspective Learned from J.M. Blaut, Dalia Varanka
  • Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary, kanarinka
  • Jake Barton's Performance Maps: An Essay, John Krygier
  • Cartographic Design on Maine's Appalachian Trail, Michael Hermann and Eugene Carpentier III
  • Illinois Historical Aerial Photography Digital Archive Keeps Growing, Arlyn Booth and Tom Huber
  • Historical Atlas of Central America, Reviewed by Mary L. Johnson
  • Mapping and Imagination in the Great Basin: A Cartographic History, Reviewed by Russell S. Kirby
  • Catalogue of Map Artists, Compiled by Denis Wood


Cartographic Perspectives

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CP67 - Winter 2010
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on Mountain Cartography

CP67. Winter 2010

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Cover Art for CP


CP 54


Past covers of Cartographic Perspectives have been graced by the "carto-art"of Matt Knutzen.  Matt is the Assistant Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library (NYPL).  Matt holds an MFA from Pratt, and a geography degree from Berkeley.  In his work, Matt combines the best of both worlds: Art + Cartography.  His art playfully and creatively takes the map as artifact and transforms it into pieces that catch the mind's eye.  Matt presented his work at the NYPL in a talk titled: Outside the boundary: A presentation of map artworks by Matthew A. Knutzen.


CP Commemorative Issue - Celebrating 25 Years of NACIS


The Cartographic Perspectives Commemorative Issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of NACIS. In this special issue four past editors of CP reflect on their tenure as editor and their favorite articles - a insightful history of Cartographic Perspectives. The cover features the past 51 cover designs and a map to the last 25 NACIS meeting locations. We have a limited number of these issues left for purchase ($15 US/$20 international). If you are interested please contact Jim Anderson by e-mail. Checks made payable to NACIS can be mailed to:


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